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Investments of Time

Value your time.

365 days is a little, yet seems like a lot.

Value your time.

It's the greatest gift we've got.

Value your time.

Look at time as a investment.

Value you time.

Where you spend it matter s, it's time subtracted away from everything and extra on your mind.

Am I suggesting being stingy, Absolutely!

Be extremely cautious when giving your time, you will not get it back and compensation can still be a crime...

Value your time.

It's a gift from God.

Value your time.

Demand that others value it too. If they choose to take your time for granted, snatch your gift back. Being generously giving of time should be matched with tact.

Just because someone needs help or lacks skills in their lane, doesn't mean it's your assignment, now you repairing life alignments...

Value your time.

Acknowledging God brings clarifying check list, don't be knocked off of your square,

Just value your time...

Completing the assignments that God gave you are the only things that matter. People purposely distract with all their needs and clatter, thinking they bamboozled you, not even recognizing you worship and praise God in all that you do!!!

So please be a good steward and value your priceless time!

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