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It's Our Anniversary- My spill...

The day my name changed... I'll never forget it, 9/9/18. Celebrating 4 years of a beautiful life together. There have been some annoying times, some sad times, happy and blessed times. I'm blessed to say that I didn't have to experience any of those without a partner of my own. Family is a good thing when it functions properly but picking someone with the blessing of God to be your first family is magically blessed.

I'm learning patience and humbleness. The way my husband protects me with Gods covering is comforting. When I was a single woman, I viewed marriage differently because I didn't know any better. It's so much more than legal sex and a bag.

Now, I realize that when you actually find a person that chooses to love you back and respect you that you should never take it for granted. I love and respect mine. So many people want to give you their idea for marriage, which will work well for their marriage. We found peace by discovering our own truth and definitions of happiness. We pray over our marriage and make our words count. Both working at the goal, staying focused and keeping our faith in God.

If I'm allowed to offer any advice, I'll offer this, learn what you like and be likable. Meaning, don't just look for something good, be something good. Be honest, treat yourself kind, think positive thoughts about yourself. Learn what truly makes you happy and heal. Work on nurturing your mind, spirit and body. I'm learning so much, I'm grateful for my life and lane. Words are powerful so speak with meaning. Don't curse marriage if you desire, speak life and love into your life and enjoy your own company until love finds you. Treat yourself, date yourself.

Evaluate you and be honest. Honestly, marriage is still amazing. Flawless, of course not but worth it... Girl, you deserve it.

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