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Express my Vibes

Expressions of dress, we dress to impress, finesse, more less express to bless others with our vibes. Colors that we wrap ourselves in to characterize our testimony of life and rhythm. We all are different but yet the same, we embrace our differences with patterns and fabrics, with style that we proclaim. Grateful for our differences, our finger prints cannot be erased. I am more than my clothing but I still want to flex in my space. Please don't question the greatness that my vibe and style embrace. I'm attitude and character and even if you trace my style, you cannot mock my vibe, please let me be great. You can put on my wardrobe and it will conform to you but I am still a professional at the dressing thing I do. Just let me be brilliant in my lane and you do how you move. I must express my vibes. If I want to show my thighs, I will that's no lie. Show me a coat and I cut out a pattern that's helpful for me. You cannot know my intentions because you do not know me. I want to feel alive and give confidence to those who feel weak in the knees. I didn't ask f or permission for express myself. Be free to express freely. Please let me express my vibes.


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